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Press Office

Press office work impacts the company, brand and product: for this reason a distinction has to be made between product and corporate press office activities.

  • PRODUCT: communication is aimed at promoting and adding value to the product in relevant national consumer and specialist (trade) publications. It therefore focuses on technical, design and aesthetic features and new products from the various ranges.
  • CORPORATE: communication focuses on the company and business and therefore contains financial figures, news on expansions, mergers and takeovers of firms, positioning actions and environment policy. Awareness-raising activities relate above all to local and national dailies, financial pages and information weeklies.

Press office work bases on in-depth knowledge of the company and its products and involves constant contacts with the editorial offices and journalists of the relevant publications to create a flow of news and a good level of focus on the company.

Main Objectives

Guarantee visibility and a presence mainly in the press and ever-growing medium of the Web (inserting information websites, online publications, blogs and communities).

Step up advertising pressure.

Actions and Tools

  • Definition of content, drafting and targeted mailing of PRESS RELEASES
  • Monitoring
  • Periodical quantitative and qualitative analysis reports on results
  • Press clipping
  • Open day
  • Trade show back-up