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Pubblimarket 2


BLU WOM is the product of the know-how and twenty years’ experience of the agency Pubblimarket2, offering clients specialist press office and PR services via a tailor-made organisation of consultants with specific training and experience in the area.

BLU WOM plans every PR activity within the integrated communication project, with all-round impact on the brand.
The ability to set up and manage strategic relationships, generating a constant flow of information, together with in-depth knowledge of the client, gives shape and notoriety to its distinctive personality for several targets, promoting and adding value to both the company and the product.

In addition to the historic Udine location, BLU WOM also has representative offices in Milan, a strategic and essential choice in order to maintain ongoing contacts with editorial offices, close to events and news on the world of communication circulated in the city.


Since April 2011 BLU WOM has become a partner of Assorel (Italian Public Relation Agencies Association), that collects in our country the best PR agencies.

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Creating and reinforcing brand personality

Public relations have an impact on the brand and its identity, creating positive vibes around it and shaping its distinctive personality for various targets.


Strengthening the repute of the brand with all corporate targets: customers, press, influencers.

Generating consensus

Creating and guiding a positive attitude to the brand by the end user, influencers and trendsetters.